Spyderco Reveals Wharncliffe Delica

Spyderco has just made my favorite knife recommendation even better. Although the standard Delica blade is nothing to sneeze at, for 2017 they have made the knife into a more aggressive cutter by adding a VG-10 wharncliffe blade.

This new version takes everything that makes the original a great do-it-all option and adds more variety to the lineup. The new blade maintains the sub-3″ length that makes the Delica legal to carry in most jurisdictions while still being a usable size. The four position clip, ambidextrous lock back, and durable FRN scales complete the package.

In addition to the new Delica, Spyderco have announced updated versions of a many of their classics, including the Native, Sage, Police, the Manix 2 and a new smaller Paramilitary 3. 2017 will also see the return of the Meerkat in HAP40 steel.

You can see all of the new 2017 offerings at Knife Center by clicking here.


  1. Jon M. says:

    There’s a lot of really great new knives coming out in 2017 from Spyderco. Of special interest is the blades in Maxamet – my friend and I have been testing the Mule Team blades in that steel and are floored at the performance so far. Fun stuff!

  2. Sam L. says:

    I got a Meerkat some years ago. Cool little knife, but the tip is too wide for some of the things I needed to do at work.

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Spyderco Reveals Wharncliffe Delica

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