Spyderco settles counterfeit lawsuit with eBay

image via KnifeNews

Spyderco has settled its counterfeit lawsuit against eBay. (image via KnifeNews)

Alex at KnifeNews broke the story of Spyderco’s suing eBay for its lackadaisical enforcement of its counterfeit policy, so it is only fitting that he was first to press with the announcement of a settlement in the case as well.

From KnifeNews.com:

“eBay Inc. and Spyderco Inc. have amicably resolved, on confidential terms, the issues raised in Civil Action No. 17-cv-01751-KLM (D.Colo.),” Spyderco wrote in a statement after it withdrew its lawsuit against the eCommerce company.

In July, Spyderco sued eBay alleging that eBay didn’t take “the reasonable means” to halt services to sellers of counterfeit Spyderco knives. The lawsuit also claimed that eBay knowingly ignored complaints of intellectual property infringement and that the presence of counterfeit Spyderco products in eBay listings caused confusion for consumers and damaged Spyderco’s reputation.

This is at least the second counterfeit-related lawsuit that eBay settled this year. In June, they also came to terms with Irvine, CA-based phone accessory maker Wimo Labs, putting the August 2015 lawsuit to bed.

As I said in my commentary when the lawsuit was announced, I hate lawsuits. The fact that I was supporting a plaintiff is probably all one needs to know about the strength of Spyderco’s case. EBay, like most tech companies is arbitrary in their enforcement of policy. In the case of counterfeit merchandise, they are amazingly lax. Spyderco is among the most counterfeited of all knife companies.

Caveat Emptor. 




  1. Sam L. says:

    I’d say it damaged Ebay’s reputation more.

  2. Jason says:

    Anyone who has done business with Ebay buying or selling knows they just care about the bottom line. So good for Spyderco you have to protect your brand/investment..

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Spyderco settles counterfeit lawsuit with eBay

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