Star Wars vs. Star Trek dispute leads to knife wound

Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

Might as well piss everyone off…

Two Oklahoma City men were arguing over which was better: Star Wars or Star Trek – an argument that I am quite certain has played out countless times with no one being assaulted, cut, or arrested. Not so in this case.

From OKCFox:

(Jerome) Whyte allegedly followed the man and shoved him to the ground. The victim got back up and told police he stated “You wanna replay that?” and was once again shoved to the ground. Police say Whyte then wrapped his arm around the victim’s neck and began choking him. The victim was near unconsciousness when he pulled out a pocket knife. Whyte let go and reached for the knife, cutting himself. He then left the room.

Police later arrested Whyte and booked him into the Oklahoma County Jail.

The Fox article leaves many important questions unanswered, as HotAir’s Allahpundit explains:

How do you report a story like this without saying which man favored Star Wars and which favored Star Trek? And more importantly, what the substance of the arguments was? Was this a “Kirk was cooler than Solo” dispute or a broader debate on the narrative merits of the two franchises? The details are important. If the victim told Whyte that Khan was a better villain than Darth Vader, Whyte has an ironclad “justifiable use of force” defense.

I wonder why someone can’t like both, or neither for that matter. The only one I feel deserves to suffer a violent assault is whomever is ultimately responsible for doing such a crappy job with the Star Wars prequels. I absolutely loved the original Star Wars trilogy, but the prequels ruined it for me to the point where I have not seen either of the two new movies, nor do I plan to.

On the Star Trek side, I have seen most of the original TV episodes, plus the Generations and First Contact movies. I loved Next Generation, in fact I have all 7 seasons on DVD. I watched Enterprise, but never could get into Voyager or Deep Space Nine. I have little interest in seeing the older movies, or the newer ones for that matter.

What are your thoughts on this important topic?


  1. Sam L. says:

    I was never a Star Trek fan. I found it beating me over the head with a message.
    The Star Wars prequels were weak. Neither is worth arguing about, let alone fighting.

  2. DavidW. says:

    “I am quite certain has played out countless times”


    Yes it has:

  3. basic jerk says:

    While I like both Star Trek and Star Wars, I could see the stabbing being legit if the stabee insulted Capt. Picard, because of course as everyone knows, Picard could kick Han Solo’s ass.

  4. VaqueroJustice says:

    You should see the new movies, at least Awakens, as it can be seen as an apology for the prequels.

  5. Nail nick says:

    Who the F#<£ is Capt Picard ? There is only one true Capt of the Enterprise , James Tiberius Kirk . The guy who's my screen saver on my IPhone . When I need strength or direction, I ask myself " what would James T. Kirk do ?"

    Anything after the original series is nothing but mindless filler, trying to cash in on the orignal and at best is a source for a few trivia questions .

    As to the fight the Star Wars fan should face extra charges just for liking that series , kinda like extra time for using a gun .

    1. Daniel says:

      “As to the fight the Star Wars fan should face extra charges just for liking that series , kinda like extra time for using a gun .”

      And you should shut up YOUR SNPOUT for spewing self-righteous BS! There is nothing wrong enjoying both franchises, only the intolerants retards like you, and the two losers who fought over it, are the pathetic ones

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek dispute leads to knife wound

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