Student Charged With Murder In Texas High School Stabbing; Possibly Gang-Related After All

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Luis Alonzo Alfaro, a 17 year-old student at Spring High School, has been officially charged with the murder of fellow student Joshua Broussard in yesterday’s school stabbing. And (we knew this already) the stabbing just may have been gang-related.


A fight inside a Houston-area high school escalated into a series of stabbings Wednesday that left a 17-year-old student dead and three others wounded, sheriff’s officials said.

The stabbings happened during a fight between several students in a school corridor. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said 17-year-old student Luis Alonzo Alfaro pulled a knife during the fight and fatally stabbed one student and wounded three others.

Alfaro admitted to the stabbing under questioning by sheriff’s homicide detectives and was charged with murder, the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement released Wednesday evening.

Sheriff’s spokesman Alan Bernstein referred queries about whether Alfaro had an attorney to the district clerk’s website, which had not been updated as of Wednesday night. Alfaro also was not yet listed in the jail’s booking system.

Authorities provided few details on what may have led to the fight, and no other information was available on the teenager who was killed.

“We believe a confrontation of some sort occurred … that ultimately led into a physical confrontation that produced weapons,” Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. “There has been some information that this may have been gang related.”

You don’t say…

Image: Twitter

This is reportedly a Twitter pic of the confessed killer. Take a good look at him; in just a couple of years he’ll be covered with gang tats, or he’ll be somebody’s girlfriend in the joint. Maybe both.



  1. Nate says:

    I haven’t read too much about the incident since they announced the arrest; however I am unable to find a description of what took place.

    So to play Devil’s Advocate, do we know if he instigated the fight? Do we know if the dead student and the 3 wounded were active combatants? Could it have been 4 vs 1, with the one pulling a knife in self defense when the fight became lopsided? It is all too easy to pre-judge without many facts about the stabber, the deceased, the wounded, and the incident.

    1. Duncan Idaho says:


      1. Perry says:

        Also this. Not to mention it’s the prison system that is going to fail him and leave him covered in tatts and probably join a gang for protection.

  2. Bob Fairlane says:

    It’s illegal to carry knives in schools. So they’re in deep shit already. And why do you advocate homosexual prison rape? Sounds like you’re sick in the head.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      If you see any ‘advocacy’ of prison rape in my comment, you’re hallucinating. In my experience as a lawyer working with prisoners (which I actually do, every month) teenage murderers don’t exactly thrive in adult prisons.

      If a young killer can’t get into long-term protective segregation, covering himself with DIY prison tattoos and joining a gang (hoping they don’t take advantage of him themselves) are his best strategy for survival.

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Student Charged With Murder In Texas High School Stabbing; Possibly Gang-Related After All

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