Stupid Knife Criminal of the Day: Walker, Florida Robber


A 77 year old man in Florida was arrested after he pulled a knife at a bank and demanded money.

In the “he probably should have thought this one through” department, an elderly man in Boynton Beach, Florida man became agitated when he learned his account had been closed. He pulled a knife on the branch Manager and demanded $130.


Investigators spoke to the bank manager, who said Cooper had come in to ask why he couldn’t access his bank account. The manager informed him that PNC had closed his account for “consistent lack of funds,” according to the affidavit. The manager said Cooper became increasingly agitated, finally getting up and cornering the manager behind his desk, holding the knife. Cooper ordered the manager to the teller window so Cooper could get money.

While at the teller window, Cooper demanded $130. Once he got the cash, he told the manager that he would be his hostage or he would “slit his throat.” The manager chose to be his hostage and they walked out of the bank. The manager told police he was able to run off when Cooper was distracted by arriving police.”

Cooper found himself tasered and taken into custody and now faces kidnapping and bank robbery charges. Security camera footage available at


  1. Tom in Oregon says:

    Desperation. At least where he is going, he won’t have to worry about food, clothes, a bed.

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Stupid Knife Criminal of the Day: Walker, Florida Robber

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