Summer, Bloody Summer: UK braces for further increase in violence

Summer, Bloody Summer

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Faced with exploding rates of violent crime police in the UK are calling for more power to, you guessed it, search people for knives.

From ExpressUK:

In London, three men were seriously injured by gunfire, while at least four men were stabbed in separate incidents as police were overwhelmed by a scale of street savagery not seen before.

Elsewhere a 17-year-old boy was stabbed and killed in Ipswich and two police officers were knifed on duty in Scotland.

MPs said the majority of the violent disorder was being fuelled by feuding gangs of drug dealing young men and called for stronger stop and search powers.

Tory MP and former police minister Sir Mike Penning said: “Police chiefs have got to give their frontline officers the confidence to stop and search while the CPS have to throw the book at those who carry and use knives because that’s the only way we will have a deterrent.

“Unless that happens we are going to be in for a very difficult summer and years ahead.

I carry and use multiple knives everyday Sir Penning. What exactly are you looking to deter me from? I use my knife to open boxes, cut twine, and any manner of other completely mundane but necessary tasks throughout my day. I was just in a giant room with tens of thousands of people and 100s of thousands of knives, and the only people who shed a drop of blood were those who mishandled the knives and cut themselves.

Obviously the problem is the knives.

What is so remarkable is that Penning actually states what the real problem is, but is so obtuse that he continues to focus on the knives instead of say..drug gangs.

“Nearly all the problems surrounding knife crime are down to drugs and gangs. Police chiefs have to understand the public is not going to put up with this any longer.”

Drugs and gangs are the problem. Confiscating knives is the answer. I fail to see the logic.


Know your place prol.


  1. Sam L. says:

    That which must not be mentioned is NOT mentioned.

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Summer, Bloody Summer: UK braces for further increase in violence

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