Sunday Funnies: Priceless Edition



That is Priceless” is a daily humor bit by Steve Melcher at His shtick is coming up with snarky titles for awkward works of art. Can you do better than his? Give it a shot in the comments. (h/t Sam L.)

I have been figuratively been chasing rabbits, whilst literally going after doves. I just wanted to write that sentence. Apologies if my attempt at wit fell flat. At any rate, here are two hunting memes that crossed my path this week.


I would shoot his mom too, and she comes pre-cooked. (too soon?)

Finally,Brace yourself, winter is coming:



If you come across anything from humor to hard news that you think we would be interested in, please forward it on to

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I just found it. You other guys, have FUN with it.

  2. David says:

    OK I know you linked to it but how could you leave out an Englishman w/ a rod in his lap?

    I’ll give a “stab” at it.

    “Um, where are you parents?”

    Making more of us (a.k.a. give oldest son a knife for the 1st time . . . in a month . . . watch little sisters follow so as not to be left out).

    “and she comes pre-cooked. (too soon?)”

    Not too soon 🙂 but I admit I do not get how a doe comes pre-cooked or the joke that might in that (seriously).

    1. cmeat says:

      watch bambi right now. then watch iron giant.

    2. Bambi’s mom, Feline, dies in a forest fire.

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Sunday Funnies: Priceless Edition

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