Sunday Funnies: Sharpening Chinese Blades

Awesome tutorial on how to sharpen Chinese blades.

Posted by Roger Jones on Sunday, July 5, 2015

I had a chance to catch up with our Editor Emeritus Chris Dumm this week, and afterwards he sent me this awesome knife sharpening video which is probably the definitive work on the subject.

He also sent me this:12512780_527804904056332_4838833271378768235_n

Thanks Boss for making my job easy this week. I guided today and am pretty whooped. I am looking forward to hitting the rack.

As I mentioned the other night, the client who arranged the trip for himself and his 2 buddies is a TTAG and TTAK reader. This is the first time I have guided for someone who discovered me through the blog. The fishing was only fair, it is still early season, but it was a beautiful day on the river with a bunch of really great guys. More on this to come.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Video: What a GREAT little folding putty knife!

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Sunday Funnies: Sharpening Chinese Blades

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