Sunday Funny: Baton It All!

Our article “In Defense of Batoning” was one of the first things I wrote for The Truth About Knives. I think the subject is probably the most divisive in knifedom (with the occasional detour into Cold Steel Lawsuit Land). To this day we still get the occasional comment on that post… usually slamming me or the article… which I take as a sign that I am doing something right!

Thing is, we all take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes. In an effort to take the piss out of the internet just a little bit, today’s Sunday Funny comes from YouTuber The Bearded Burton, with special guest Larry Roberts from Season 2 of History’s Alone. Enjoy the deadpan synchronicity!

Oh, so what do I have in common with Larry Roberts? I’m not nearly the badass he is, but we both agree that a modern knife can take the abuse if done properly:

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  1. Sam L. says:

    Gave me a smile this morning!

  2. Malcolm says:

    The Internet does seem to be a more angry place these days, people should be more san guine™️ about things.

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Sunday Funny: Baton It All!

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