Sunday Funny: Captain Obvious edition


A knife. You can slice pita with it apparently.

I never imagined that I would find a humorous piece on the Knife Intifada, but I was wrong. They say the best satire is indistinguishable from truth, and “Palestinian Researchers: Knives can also be used to cut food” from Elder of Zion is a home run. (it is actually from the blog Preoccupied Territory, but I can’t find it there)

While non-psychotic individuals view knives are tools that can be used as weapons, this fact seems lost on the Palestinians apparently.

Hebron, October 28 – Scientists at Ramallah’s Bir Zeit University have made a surprising revelation, discovering this week that the stabbing implement known as the knife can potentially be used to cut food, and perhaps other objects that are not the body of a Jew.
Researchers applied the blade of a knife to certain readily-available, everyday, edible substances such as meat, cooked eggs, hard cheese, vegetables, fruits, and pastries, and found that depending on the shape and blade type of the knife, it performed well in cutting, slicing, or chopping the foodstuffs. In some cases, said the scientists, knives could even be used for peeling such produce as apples or raw carrots, and even for non-cutting-related food preparation activities such as spreading peanut butter or soft cheese on bread. The results of the study will appear in the upcoming issue of the journal Scientific Testing And Beyond (STAB).

Read the whole thing.

Have a great Sunday folks.


  1. imp says:

    In other news, could the automobile serve as a makeshift road-camel?

  2. Thag says:

    The article is up at PreOccupied Territory now.( Once a week, one of our pieces is published in advance at Elder of Ziyon.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I have one of those pita-slicing knives; mine’s a Henckels.

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Sunday Funny: Captain Obvious edition

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