Sunday Funny: Hot-knife meets Rocket Sled


In a late-night Sunday Funny I have a merging of two previous viral demonstrations. The red-hot knife videos have engendered widespread replication, but there is still only one YouTuber with a rocket-knife testing track.

We have already shared the Backyard Scientist’s video of his 150mph rocket-sled-knife. But now he is upping the ante. He is heating the knife red-hot before turning it loose on innocent objects.

Cool to see the lighters actually do something spectacular. The last time was pretty anti-climactic. I have a feeling it was the rocket motor, not the knife, that ignited the butane though.

“This might break the rocket sled but that’s ok, I have another.”

(h/t Thrillist)


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Sunday Funny: Hot-knife meets Rocket Sled

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