Sunday Funny: I salute our robotic overlords



After the knife-wielding jihadi-wannabe was killed outside of a Paris police station this week, a robot was sent to check for explosives on the body. It made for a somewhat interesting photo, which was picked up on by Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams:

“To me, that looks like the future. You have a terrorist losing a fight to a robot inside a fenced zone. Eventually, the so-called Caliphate will become something like the Target Practice for Robots Zone, orTPRZ. The military needs a robot practice zone anyway, so we might as well kill two birds at the same time.  And Robots could, in theory, become better at minimizing civilian casualties compared to whatever we’re doing now.”


It isn’t often that I find a humor piece that is also topical, so I want to give a tip of the hat to Instapundit , as well as our thanks for the double-Instalanche he sent us the other day.

While the Paris jihadi was all over the news, “strangely” there is nary a mention in US or international media of the 4 “Palestinian” jihadis that were killed while attacking Israelis with knives on Thursday, or the 2 that were killed during attacks on Saturday. This is practically a daily occurrence, but you would hardly know it. It would be a shame if those evil Israelis became sympathic figures in the fight against Islamism. It would upset the whole Religion of Peace™ narrative thing that the media and politicians are trying to foist on the citizenry.

Granted, I don’t report on all the attacks either lest they completely take over the blog, but I think I have kept you all fairly well abreast of the Knife Intifada. One could not be a regular TTAK reader and not be familiar with the situation.

Sorry to end on a down note for the Sunday Funny, but it seemed like a natural segue. I search for knife news on a daily basis, and the explosion of stories on the Paris incident was overwhelming and I couldn’t help but notice the disparity of coverage.



  1. Paul Rain says:

    It truly is a downer. The tuskan raider wasn’t simply shot on sight.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Don’t be shy about the double instalanche. You’ve earned it. Good on ya!

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Sunday Funny: I salute our robotic overlords

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