Sunday Funny: Knife-juggler was “successful part of the time”

So says Officer Sam Clemens of the Sioux Fall, SD Police department in a delicious bit of understatement.


The inaptly named Alexander Cool had a very bad night. In a “hold my beer” moment, he began to toss a knife in the air. He missed, gashing his leg, and manages to get himself arrested for marijuana possession and cocaine.


Clemens says Cool suffered an inch wide cut to his thigh.  Cool’s friends went to another apartment for help and asked that police not be called.

But when officers arrived they found cocaine residue and a small amount of marijuana in the apartment on 43rd Street near South Kuehn Avenue and South Palisade Lane.

Cool was treated for the knife wound, released and arrested.  Clemens says Cool had been drinking.

Buzz harshed.



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Sunday Funny: Knife-juggler was “successful part of the time”

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