Sunday Funny: Lithic laughter edition

Geek that I am, I immediately racked my brain to try to see if the “6,000 BC” is accurate.  The tool being made is fairly representative of a Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) tool. Depending on where you are talking geographically, 8,000 years is plausible.

While the tool pictured is hand-axe, an earlier, Paleolithic tool would have looked like Step 2. Adding in additional hammers of wood and bone is a later development, as is the “pressure-flaking” shown in Step 4.

But I over-analyze what was meant to be a humor post. So make the jump for a couple of funnies I won’t ruin by nerding-out.

Keeping with the prehistoric theme…

Still nominally anthropology (I studied White-faced Saki monkeys in Venezuela as part of my Master’s research)…

…and leaving the theme behind entirely there is this:

Have a great Sunday folks…



  1. cmeat says:

    mrs. bruin said, “i guess, as long as they’re not k’abars.”

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Sunday Funny: Lithic laughter edition

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