Sunday Funny: Machete Free Zone

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The above is by Cartoonist Wiley Miller. More of his work can be found at GoComics.

Posting a little sign somewhere does not actually prevent behavior. The Libertarian in me wants to do exactly whatever it is that the Government tells me not to so long as I see the act as a victimless crime. Quite often, doing so is actually in one’s greater self interest. After all…


Thanks to reader John O. for sending us the comic. If you ever find a Sunday funny, or any knife content you think would be of interest, please send it to

Have  great Sunday.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I read that daily, and it appears to me that Wiley is a liberal. Many-to-most of his commenters at GoComics are, too. Still, sometimes he hits the mark.

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Sunday Funny: Machete Free Zone

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