Sunday Funny (Monday edition): Sith Army Knife


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If it is any indication of how swamped I am at home, I completely forgot today was Sunday. So I am running this a day late and promise to get something else out later on Monday. I am looking forward to switching back to normal from holiday mode. Having my wife and both kids home all week has completely spun me around.

We have seen the concept of Sith Army Knife before but this one has the last one beat. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I have a full plate of stuff coming up for you this week.


  1. PeterK says:

    It’s a still from this youtube vid. The whole thing is pretty hilarious, actually.

    1. PeterK says:

      Oh. No, not related. Will not directly. My bad.

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Sunday Funny (Monday edition): Sith Army Knife

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