Sunday Funny: Sit and Spin edition (Updated)

If you follow Instagram accounts of EDC pocket-dumps, you probably noticed fidget spinners begin to pop up about a year or so ago. Back then, they were a novelty being carried by guys who liked high-end machine work. The wave began to build, to where the EDC community even began to make fun of itself, but the fad hadn’t quite made the mainstream. David wrote about the spinner phenomenon just prior to it blowing up.

Well, if you hadn’t noticed, the wave has crested and the things have reached the cheap plastic-crap stage. They are actually already banned in my children’s school. Miraculously though, they appeared all over the playground on the last day of school. But that’s Unpossible.


I knew the wave had crested when I saw them being advertised on the Pigeon Forge Parkway this spring. “Peak-tzotchke” status had been officially reached.

Actually, you can get cheap Chinese balisongs in the same stores.


It has however provided me with a raft of Sunday Funnies, which I have been saving up for this post.

I am assuming there will plenty of higher-end ones on tables at BLADE Show next week alongside the various bottle openers, tops, and other baubles that makers with CNC capacity churn out as lower-cost profit items to sell at the show.

I have a few more which I will try to post later, but our power was out last night and I have exceeded my allotted time to sneak this in.

Have a great Sunday folks.


Update: Here are some more, as promised.




OK. Back to work now.


  1. Cadeyrn says:

    I actually still have several of the bali song fidgets including one which has a bottle opener instead of a blade. That’s the one that guests get to use unless I feel like refreshing the first aid kits.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I eagerly await the rest!

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Sunday Funny: Sit and Spin edition (Updated)

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