Sunday Funny: Snowpocalypse 2016 Edition


Beltway resident David better evacuate. 

I couldn’t really find anything funny and knife related this week, so I am going to jump away from knives and tackle what has been the overriding theme of the weekend. After getting 3-4″ inches of snow earlier this week, Things 1&2 had snow days Wednesday and Thursday. But the hype was all over the storm that was supposed to hit Knoxville, but passed us by with just a solid dumping of rain with a little sleet. Despite only getting a dusting of actual snow, Knoxville went through full panic mode, even the venue for my son’s birthday party cancelled on us this afternoon.

Ermrgrd! WerAllGrnnlDrrh!!!!

I grew up in the snow belt of Cleveland where we averaged 100″ of snow a year. I lived in Idaho where it got so cold that your power-steering fluid felt like pudding. My gasoline Dakota actually has a block heater.

So I alternate between amused and annoyed when Knoxville completely falls to pieces at the mere hint of snow in the forecast. People come completely unglued.


If you remembered eggs you could make French Toast.

I look at weather events as an opportunity to test my preparedness. We have made it through a couple of 5-day power outages, and were more than ready for an event that didn’t materialize. The only damage that we suffered was to my woodpile, which is beginning to look forward to spring.


We will Survive!

Best wishes to those of you who actually got snow. I hope everyone is warm and safe. Any good stories to share?

Finally, I will close with something the was shared on Instapundit today. A WKRP classic.

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Sunday Funny: Snowpocalypse 2016 Edition

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