Sunday Funny: The boss has spoken edition…

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Posted by Blade Show on Thursday, August 11, 2016

BLADE Show shared this to their Facebook the other day and I knew I had the Sunday Funny in the bag. While I am not yet in the $1500 blade range (yet), my wife is beginning to question my knife acquisition rate over the past year.

This guy needs to follow the advice of outdoor humorist Patrick McManus. I cannot remember in which of his many books he described the perfect way to sneak new guns or fishing gear into his collection – but his technique rocks. He would give them to a friend to bring by to “return” said item after having “borrowed it for the weekend”.

Sounds like a better idea than folding laundry anyway.

Remember – BLADE Show 2017 will be June 2nd-4th in Atlanta. Save the date.

Have a great Sunday folks.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Have you ever had the opportunity to see Tim Behrens presenting Pat’s work?
    I have, three times. You WILL enjoy seeing him, if you get the opportunity, which doesn’t look to be coming up. And he hasn’t been as far east as Michigan since 2013. I’d recommend buying his boxed set of DVDs.

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Sunday Funny: The boss has spoken edition…

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