Sunday Funny: With friends like these…

Be sure to turn on the volume in the lower corner. It adds to the overall effect of the loop. I don’t think that this was faked. Her friend seemed legitimately scared for a moment.

Below the jump I have a couple of off topic funny videos. The first was sent by Sam L. and makes me smile.

I failed miserably trying to get my daughter onto a fish with a Barbie rod. I finally had to just teach her to cast a fly-rod and put her onto a fish in the way that I am accustomed to. Her reaction to her first fish, while excited was not quite this enthusiastic.


Seeing that video reminded me of a charity steelhead tournament my friend Toussaint participated in. He is interviewed in this article, which describes a “Barbie Pole” tournament for steelhead in Cleveland. I cut my teeth guiding for steelhead, and I can’t imagine trying to land such a powerful fish on such ridiculous tackle. It looks something like this:




  1. Enuz says:

    I don’t want to be that guy, but that first one belongs in irresponsible knife owners. That’s assault with a deadly weapon, joking or not, and it’s clear from the poor girl’s reaction that she had no idea it was supposed to be a joke. She went from relaxed and being with people she trusted to panicking and attempting to run for her life in a quarter of a second.

    Not cool. That’s the sort of thing that gives knife enthusiasts a bad name.

    1. yes, if you want to be that guy. You are technically correct.

      That being said, my friends and I in college would do much worse to each other. It was just in the pre-youtube era

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Sunday Funny: With friends like these…

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