Sunday Funny/Object of Desire: Assassins Creed Edition

Crazy UK inventor Colin Furze is at it again. Last time it was Pneumatic Wolverine Claws. This time Furze has come up with real life versions of two gadgets/weapons from the Assassins Creed game, an arm-mounted rope-launcher/winch system, and retractable hidden blade.

Like last time he doesn’t disappoint. These are pretty incredible.

(h/t SL)


  1. James says:

    A guy in Canada named Skallagrim has a YouTube video titled Assassin’s Creed hidden blade: Would it be practical in real-life? He thinks not, but of course, Colin doesn’t care. The flamethrower Colin has would work–can we get a The Truth About Flamethrowers page?

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Sunday Funny/Object of Desire: Assassins Creed Edition

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