Sunday Funny/Self Defense: How to defeat the “Trump Handshake”

“His Hairness” has a seriously aggressive handshake.

President Trump’s aggressive handshake style has been the subject of much internet discussion. Many articles have been written, speculating as to what this might reveal about his inner psyche. It isn’t that complicated, Trump thinks of himself as a dominant individual and attempts to demonstrate it through his handshake. He draws his elbow back firmly, and if the handshakee is not prepared for it they can be pulled off balance.

Former President Obama (that has a nice ring to it) did a similar thing, except in a subtler way. He would grab behind the elbow of the person with whom he was shaking hands, establishing a control-grip. “Subtle” is not often used when describing His Hairness – and his handshake reflects this.

You can read a great piece about handshake dominance here. The video below shows what to do if confronted by someone pulling you in by the hand, though it would probably be a bad idea to try it on the President of the United States.

From Vice:

Trump’s been using his Machiavelli-meets-PUA greeting on business partners for years. But now that the guy is the leader of the free world, Trump has recently forced his weak-ass power move onto fellow politicians and foreign leaders, much to their apparent displeasure.

The maneuver—which involves Trump shooting his elbow back to his side mid-shake and pulling the other person toward him—threw Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch off balance and trapped Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe in an awkward, endless grip. Justin Trudeau seemed to know it was coming, though, and heroically fended off the Trump yank with nothing but brute force and his debonaire good looks. For those who may not share the strength or glittering blue eyes of Canada’s PM, Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy has a solution: the wrist lock.

“I’m not suggesting you do this to the president,” the video’s black-belted host says. “But if someone’s trying to over-dominate you and pull you into the handshake, you have to go with it.” The host steps into the shake, wrapping his free arm around the other guy’s elbow and snaring him in a “goose neck” wrist lock.

In Krav Maga we call it a “Cavalier”. Regardless, it hurts like hell and gives you near complete control over someone when applied properly.

Again, don’t try this with the leader of the Free World. It would be a “Uuge” mistake.

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Sunday Funny/Self Defense: How to defeat the “Trump Handshake”

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