Survival Saturday: 9 Lip-Balm survival hacks from EverydayCarry

Chapstick is great stuff. Not only is it great for its intended purpose, it is also extremely versatile in a number of outdoor situations, not just for survival.

I was aware of its beneficial qualities as a firestarting aid, but it never dawned on me to turn it into a full on candle.

From EverydayCarry:

With a cotton swab (Q-tip) and a stick of lip balm you can make a long-burning emergency candle. Cut the swab in half, apply some chapstick to it, and push it (stick side down) into the stick. Light the top with your fire starter of choice and voilà—an emergency candle. It’ll burn for a long time, providing light and an easy way to get a larger fire going.

As always, I won’t steal the author’s thunder by ripping off more of his list. Check it out for yourself.


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  1. John F. MacMichael says:

    Thanks for the link. There are some useful little tricks one can use that simple tube of Chapstick for and most of them I never would have thought of.

    I especially like the idea of using it as an emergency fire starter. When one needs to start a fire, it can well be a matter not just of convenience or comfort but of life or death. Remember the Jack London story “To Build a Fire”?

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Survival Saturday: 9 Lip-Balm survival hacks from EverydayCarry

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