Survival Saturday: MTJS Blog’s Ultimate Survival Gear List

It has been a while since we have done a Survival Saturday post. I was perusing More Than Just Surviving Blog, as I am wont to do, and came across this great post from their archive.

Among the many things that Thomas and Elise do extremely well is make lists. In fact, Elise even has a list of lists. It is worth checking out.

I think this list is one of their best. It has both portable and “shelter in place” components, including basic gardening gear. I never reblog complete lists, you will need to read it yourself, but here is the firestarting section:

From MTJS:


The ability to make fire is exceptionally important in survival situations. Although you don’t need everything mentioned in the list below in order to make a fire, it might be handy to have a small variety of options as back ups, in case a lighter runs out of propane, for instance.

Please note how difficult it can be making a fire through traditional survival & bushcraft techniques like rubbing sticks together. While I wholeheartedly recommend you practice and aim to perfect these no-gear-needed fire-making skills, I also recommend you not depend solely on your ability to make a fire in this way if it’s at all possible. At least do your best to carry a fire steel on you as a backup, especially considering how hard it can be to light a fire in wet/humid conditions.


I even left the Amazon links which I am certain will kick back to MTJS if you feel like supporting them with a purchase. Thomas and Elise are good people who do great work.

You should read the whole thing.


  1. Sam L. says:

    This is a GREAT read!

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Survival Saturday: MTJS Blog’s Ultimate Survival Gear List

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