Survival Saturday Video: EverydayTacticalVids & the Top 10 Survival LIES

I know I have been lax with the Survival Saturday posts over the holidays. Sometimes something lands in my lap, and sometimes I don’t find my muse at the posts I am finding in a given week. If you ever find anything that you think would make a good post, please drop us a line at

It has been a while since we have shared something from our friend Tim Carpenter of the YouTube channel EverdayTacticalVids. I met Tim at CRKT’s Chopfest at my first BLADE Show, and was a part of my early network of knife industry and media folks. So I am particularly partial to his videos.

In this video, Tim outlines his Top 10 list of lies he hears people make about wilderness survival. He calls them lies, I might use the term myths or fallacies as they are more geared towards someone fooling themselves than common advice that is purported to be gospel to mislead others. The term lies does lend the points a more sinister air though, which is good. People need to take this seriously, you don’t get a second chance at survival.

Here is Tim’s list:

  • “I’m a hunter/backpacker/etc. I will survive just fine”.
  • “I have a knife, I am ready to survive”
  • “I have an Altoid tin survival kit
  • “I found a body of water, I am going to have fish for dinner”
  • “I have a fishing kit, I am going to have fish for dinner”
  • “I have a firesteel, therefore I will have fire”
  • “The most dangerous thing I have to fear is predators”
  • “I will “just” be able to do things”
  • “I have 2-3 days to find water”
  • “Gear/Knowledge/Skills are the most important thing to have”

I normally don’t post complete lists, but the video actually explains each point, so the value remains in the video.

So there you have it. Watch the video, fisk Tim’s list, and let us know what you think.


  1. Rolin says:

    This is video is spot on about the survival lies we tell ourselves. I would like to contribute an observation that many people who get into trouble in a “survival situation” suffer a common injury. They break a thumb, sprain an ankle, twist a knee, or accidentally cut themselves. Common accidents lower the probability of survival both for individuals and groups.

  2. Nail nick says:

    So basically 6 out of the 10 were the same thing repeated a bit differant , gear without skill does not equal survival .

    Why do,humans always have to have a nice round number ? I blame David Lettermen .

    While I agree being a backpacker , Hunter and so on doesn’t make you a survival expert , often it does mean one has experienced the outdoors many times in the cold and rain ,and learned what clothes and gear work best, how to read the weather, how to build fires and find shelter , to let someone know where you’ll be and when you’ll return . All things that’ll help the odds turn in your favor .

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Survival Saturday Video: EverydayTacticalVids & the Top 10 Survival LIES

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