Swedish IKEA murders Update 2; IKEA to stop selling knives in stores

57373IKEA is so stringent in their “gun-free zone” unicorn-worship that they reportedly even ask uniformed police to leave their weapons outside. Now in their latest act of insanity, some stores are removing kitchen knives from display following the stabbing spree at a Swedish IKEA store this past Monday.

From Yahoo:

The Ikea branch in central Sweden where two shoppers were fatally stabbed — reportedly with knives taken from the shelves — will temporarily stop knife sales, the store manager said Tuesday.

“This is a decision I’ve taken and it is temporary,” store manager Mattias Johansson told news agency TT, adding that the store would reopen on Wednesday morning…

Two Eritrean asylum-seekers have been arrested on suspicion of murder, but police said Tuesday that the motive for the attack was still unknown.

The victims did not have any connection to their attackers, police said.

Police have remained tightlipped about what happened in the store, but local media have reported that the suspects may have used knives they picked up from the store’s shelves.”


At least one of the suspects was just informed that he would not be granted asylum. There are reports that one of the victims was beheaded, though I am yet to find a source reputable enough yet to state that as fact. However, the picture is becoming abundantly clear that radical Islam was at least a contributing factor in the attack. Clear to everyone except for Swedish investigators, who apparently still do not have a motive.

According to the FBI, 518 people were murdered in the U.S. with blunt objects in 2012. I wonder if IKEA will remove all of the vases, candlesticks, and heavy glassware from their stores as well.


  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    In other news….wonder if IKEA knives are worth testing?
    Most other knives from the nordic region are pretty darn good….wonder about the IKEA brand. They certainly look the part.

    1. As far as I have seen, none of them are made in Scandinavia. Usually China. Seem to be decent, middle of the road stuff as long as you stay away from the cheapest stuff.

  2. Spencer says:

    No doubt those “Eritrean asylum-seekers” have considerable support from more than a few Swedes who sob about the unfairness of labeling the attackers Islamic Terrorists.

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Swedish IKEA murders Update 2; IKEA to stop selling knives in stores

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