Swedish Knife Crook Busted By Her Own Selfie.

Image courtesy The Local

A Swedish teen has been sentenced to juvenile detention after being convicted of armed robbery. Prosecutors relied on her own selfie to convict her. It didn’t show her face (she wasn’t that stupid) but police found it on her cell phone shortly after the robbery, along with 2,420 Swedish kronor they’d just taken from a Halmstad burger joint.

The English-language Swedish news site The Local takes it from here:

The robbery took place in March this year, when the teenage girl and an accomplice used a 30-centimetre-long knife to rob a Max hamburger restaurant in Halmstad, southern Sweden.

The girls had used a smartphone to take pictures of themselves wearing balaclavas and holding the knife right before the robbery, evidence the police later used in apprehending them.

The pair was found just 47 minutes after the crime took place, traced by sniffer dogs. They had managed to get away with 2,420 kronor ($370) from the diner after witnesses say they held up the knife to restaurant staff and yelled “Give me the money or I’ll stab you”.

When tracking the girls, police found a bag filled with money as well as the phone used to take the selfie. They traced the girls back to the home of the grandmother of the convicted girl, who told officers that the two had just returned from a walk.

The girls were brought to trial earlier this month, and the knife-wielding older girl was sentenced to juvenile detention. The younger girl, rather amazingly, beat the rap.

Maybe this duo of Girl Power armed robbers is living proof that Swedish society is extremely egalitarian. Somehow I don’t think Helen Reddy would approve.


  1. Aharon says:

    Girl power!

  2. jwm says:

    Stupid crooks happen in places other than America? who knew?

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Swedish Knife Crook Busted By Her Own Selfie.

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