Swiss Chef’s forgotten knives prompt train shutdown

forgotten knives

Upon reading the headline from, I was inclined to believe shutting down and evacuating a train over a forgotten knife roll was a bit overboard. That was until reading that the knives were in a case with “Explosives” stickers plastered to it. OK, maybe it was prudent after all.

St. Gallen canton (state) police say they stopped the train in Rorschach in northeastern Switzerland on Tuesday evening after the suitcase decorated with the words “8-tung gefaehrlich — Waffe” (“Warning, dangerous — Weapon”) and illustrations of what appeared to be explosions was found.

There was also a phone number on the case. Officers tracked down the owner and brought him to the scene to open the luggage.

Police said Wednesday the owner told them he had forgotten the case when he got off the train at an earlier stop in Landquart. He said the alarming decor was meant to put his children off opening it.

Better you should teach your children to appreciate and respect your tools rather than fear them.

And dude…be the Grey Man. Broadcasting stuff like that is never a good idea.

Swedish Chef > Swiss Chef


  1. cmeat says:

    is 8 suisse- deutsche for ach?

    1. El Bearsidente says:

      8 is Acht. So I guess he made a pun with the 8 on it instead of writing Achtung, which would not be 8-tung, but 8-ung, as you don’t write Achtung with 2 Ts.

      Just like in English you have things like M8 for mate, etc.

  2. Sam L. says:

    The Rorshach test… C’mon. SOMEbody had to say it.

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Swiss Chef’s forgotten knives prompt train shutdown

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