Sword Tip: Shoot The Bastard, Or Give Him The Tacos.

Image courtesy Bexar County Sheriff

Adam Kramer, shown here, (allegedly) wanted some free tacos. The 28 year-old San Antonio man had just ordered six of his favorites at the Alondras de Jalisco restaurant when the police say that he voiced a rather strong objection to paying for them. He reached for the sword sheathed on his belt and told the waitress that he’d be getting those tacos gratis, thank you very much.

He allegedly started to draw the sword several times while becoming more agitated, but he was distracted by an incoming call on his cell phone. He stepped outside to take the call (who says meth freaks have no manners?) and the waitress locked the restaurant’s doors behind him.

After a few minutes of ranting and raving, police say Kramer drove to a nearby gas station where he brandished his sword again and demanded $50 in free gas. He was arrested the following day on a prior warrant, and now faces multiple robbery and weapons charges.

And I think it’s kind of funny that he looks like he’s got something stuck in his teeth. He should be happy in the joint: they serve a lot of tacos there.

Full story: Las Vegas Review-Journal.


  1. Aharon says:

    Speaking of tacos…


    1. Nathan says:

      You’re awesome

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Sword Tip: Shoot The Bastard, Or Give Him The Tacos.

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