Sword wielding Nazi enthusiast kills 2 in Swedish school; shot dead by police.


People initially thought the attacker was in Halloween costume, even posing for this picture minutes before the attack.

Show of hands, how many thought of the Ikea jihadi attack when you saw the headline today? I am guilty of jumping to that conclusion as well, when it turned out to be more along the lines of the anti-immigrant German who stabbed the mayoral candidate. Or an Anders Breivik wannabe.

Thank you to all of those who emailed me the breaking news. I was on the river guiding and only caught the headline. This is the first time I have had to write about the 21 year-old Swedish Nazi who used a sword to kill 2 people and wound several more in a Trollhättan, Sweden school before being shot dead by police.

From Telegraph.co.uk:

“Wearing a Nazi helmet and a Darth Vader mask and holding a sword covered in blood, pupils thought the killer was in Halloween costume and posed for pictures with him seconds before he stabbed their teacher.

The attacker, named by Swedish media as 21-year-old Anton Lundin-Pettersson, then walked from classroom to classroom looking for victims at Kronan school in Trollhattan, near Gothenburg – an area with a high immigrant population…

…”You are scaring the children, get away from here,” she reports her teacher telling the killer.

“He just nodded, then he plunged the knife into the teacher’s right side,” she said. “The last thing I heard him say was ‘call an ambulance’”.

“After that he hunted us through the school. He was playing strange music and didn’t say a word. It was terrifying music, sort of Halloween music.”

After searching his apartment and computer, police have released that he was into Nazi and supremacist YouTube videos and the like.

“Lundin-Pettersson’s social media profiles revealed right-wing and anti-immigration sympathies.

According to Expo, a Swedish magazine which tracks the extreme Right, said the YouTube videos he watched speak of the “multicultural project from hell”, rue the “Jewish media-control of Western civilisation”, and underline “the importance of race in society,“ the reporters noted.

A day before his attack, he ‘liked’ the song When Evil Speaks by the Belgian electro-industrial group Suicide Commando.

He also watched a video collage of Nazi military footage from the Second World War.”

Expect more of this sort of thing as the colonization immigration crisis in Europe unfolds.



  1. Brian S says:

    The evidence of this guy being a “Nazi” is tenuous at best, and very little is known. It’s sad to see this site promoting the hysterical tactics of the main stream media. The “darth vader mask” is an airsoft or paintball mask fyi.


    1. It was an attack on a school in an predominately immigrant neighborhood by a person whose hobbies include watching supremacist videos.

      I have not found (and I have been looking alot) anything to refute the narrative thus far. I have watched a little of that video, I do not have a half hour at the moment.

      I have been outspokenly critical of the immigration mess to the point where I have called out the Islamist power players who see this colonization as a feature and not a bug. Perhaps if you were a regular reader you might have picked up on that.

      However, just because I believe that it is important for Swedes to be Swedes, Norwegians to be Norwegian, and the Dutch to be Dutch, and that they have a right to be proud and promote their cultural identity, that does not mean I support someone who might hold those views who decides to unleash their frustration on a school.

      Demonstrate, get arrested, I will write a powerful editorial condemning your unjust incarceration. Encourage your fellow citizens to protest until the wheels of government grind to a halt and the forces that be listen to you.

      THAT is Democracy. Attacking a school full of children is not. No matter what your motives.

      1. Brian S says:

        Thank you for the personal reply 🙂

        Someone’s browser & viewing history can paint an ugly picture, but really doesn’t prove anything, and that’s all the mainstream seems to be running with. You say you haven’t seen anything to disprove the “nazi enthusiast” theme, but what have you seen to prove it? Some commenters have pointed out that his facebook background eagle and “swastika” are actually from symbols from the band Rammstein. I’m not trying to say these are the actual facts, just trying to promote caution before the narrative goes full on racist hysteria.

        I agree with the rest of what you replied with, and just to be clear, I’m not trying to justfy this (or any other un-initiated) act of violence.

        1. Thanks Brian. I try to not jump to conclusions, in fact in this post I called myself out for doing so at the beginning.

          Either this guy was a nut (which is possible), or he is a Swedish Nationalist which is not in and of itself a problem.

          Once ones nationalism carries them across the line of harming others, I personally am ok with calling them out. I though “Nazi-enthusiast” was a fair description without pointing to any larger group affiliation.

  2. Spencer says:

    (Corrected version):

    It’s probably too early to know for sure if this attack was motivated by anti-immigrant sentiments, but I suspect it was. Still, an incident like this could be the beginning of many unintended consequences of Western Europe’s open borders/no questions asked immigration policy. With Europe’s recent past flirtations with fascism and anti-Semitism surely even the most naive politician in that region must have anticipated at least the possibility of this kind of domestic reaction to swarms of illegals arriving. No better example of immigration policy fecklessness exists than in America, and Europe’s leaders should have learned from our stupendous ongoing blunders. What European and American political and financial elites share in regard to the illegal immigration problem is their deep-rooted lust for all that cheap labor, and damn the consequences for everyone else.

    1. Spencer says:

      Thanks, Clay. Much too hasty this morning when I wrote my original comments.

      Speaking of (anti) social disruptions, here in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, I expect more spontaneous outbreaks of violence like that which occurred recently at the mass shooting tragedy in Roseburg, Oregon. Most of America may not be suffering the same social/economic/political problems as Portland (or to the same extent) yet there are plenty of news articles suggesting just that. If Portland is a microcosm of the United States (i.e., really bad political leadership, rotting infrastructure, extreme class inequalities, legions of angry homeless folks, “anything goes” lifestyles…) then our nation is going to the wiener dogs quickly.

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Sword wielding Nazi enthusiast kills 2 in Swedish school; shot dead by police.

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