Blade-wielding bad-ass from history: Captain Nieves Fernandez, WWII Filipina guerrilla fighter.

Nieves Fernandez was a schoolteacher in the Philippines when World War Two came. According to a Lewiston Daily Sun article from 1944, the school-marm became a leader of a band of guerrillas, who carried out raids using captured rifles and improvised, gas-pipe shotguns called latongs. “Working with guerrillas south of Tacloban, Miss Fernandez rounded up […]

Blade-wielding bad-ass from history: Lieutenant Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming “Mad-Jack” Churchill

“The first thing the Nazi garrison on Vågsøy Island, Norway, would have heard when the British No. 3 Commando battalion landed on December 27, 1941, was the sudden blaring drone of bagpipes. One commando stood at the fore of the landing craft, facing the impending battle and playing the peppy, martial “March of the Cameron […]