Secular Bangladeshi scholar stabbed during lecture

Local police official Shafiqul Islam said the attacker stood behind Zafar Iqbal and started stabbing him in the head during a seminar at a public university campus in Sylhet where he teaches electronic and electrical engineering. Iqbal was flown to a military hospital in Dhaka. He will survive despite massive bleeding, according to doctors. The […]

Another Bangladeshi Islamist machete-killing…

Bangladesh has seen a rash of Islamist machete attacks against Christians, as well as secular and atheist writers and publishers. There was another attack Saturday that bears all of the same hallmarks of an Islamist attack: a group of masked assailants swarming the victim and hacking him with cleavers and machetes. From Yahoo: Unidentified attackers hacked […]

The ISIS attack you didn’t hear about yesterday

  Even if there hadn’t been the massive terrorist bombings yesterday in Brussels, it is unlikely the media would have spent much time on this one. Both Al Queda and ISIS have long had a strong presence in Bangladesh, a majority-Muslim country on the Indian subcontinent. Of course those few Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists that call […]

Bangladeshi Pastor survives jihadi knife-attack.

Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country that has seen a rash of Islamist-inspired attacks on both secular bloggers (4 have been stabbed/hacked to death in the recent months), and foreigners, Christians and other “apostates” live in constant danger. A Baptist Pastor was attacked Monday when 3 men came to him to inquire about Christianity. From […]