BLADE Show 2017: “The Haul”

I shared just the “Swag Pile” the other night, and I added my personal acquisitions to the pile for the photo above. Almost all of the swag is destined to make up the prize pool for the Reader Essay Contest we will soon formally announce. I want to start by thanking our t-shirt donors: Robert […]

BLADE Show 2017: Day 3 Roundup – Part 2

Resuming my abruptly-ended narrative from last night, where I was describing the somewhat schizophrenic vibe on Day 3 of the show, I will elaborate on my booth visit with Rick Klug, National Sales Manager for SOG Knives, and finish with a few words on my conversation with Dan Lawson from Microtech and American Knife and […]

The Original Kephart Knife Examined

Every year, the BLADE Show is full of highlights, but 2017 gave me something that will be hard to beat. I had the chance to handle an original Kephart knife -by Colclesser Bros. of Pennsyvania. Holy smokes! Formerly belonging to Mark Zalesky, owner of Knife Magazine, the Kephart was brought to the show by Ethan […]

BLADE Show 2017: Day 3 Roundup -Part 1

The dust has settled, and I have settled into my chair back home to try to put down a few thoughts about Day 3 of BLADE Show 2017. This is not going to be anything too profound, I will have a “final-thoughts” post this week once I have had some time to digest the weekend. […]

BLADE Show 2017: Day 2 Roundup

Wow. What a day. I am honestly still processing it all. I just got back from Dinner with Dogwood Dan Eastland, Joe Flowers, David, and several others. It was the second year in a row I was invited to this private shindig, and the only thing more wonderful than the food at Local 3 is […]