The Budget Blade Show Perspective

(Editor’s Note: We at TTAK are happy to welcome our newest contributor – Tim Stetzer. David and I have known Tim for several years now, in my case first meeting him at Dogwood Dan Eastland’s Saturday night dinner party. He is a respected freelance writer, with work appearing in the former Tactical Knives magazine, Knives […]

The Original Kephart Knife Examined

Every year, the BLADE Show is full of highlights, but 2017 gave me something that will be hard to beat. I had the chance to handle an original Kephart knife -by Colclesser Bros. of Pennsyvania. Holy smokes! Formerly belonging to Mark Zalesky, owner of Knife Magazine, the Kephart was brought to the show by Ethan […]

Bladesports releases 2016 World Championship videos

David is our resident Bladesports enthusiast, so I hope that he will forgive my posting this. David is not only a fan, he has even written a well reasoned piece detailing how Bladesports will face recruitment challenges due to the cost-barrier for newbies to acquire a suitable knife. The video above is the 2016 winning run […]

Housekeeping: Social Media Matters.

Doug Ritter of Knife Rights paid us quite the compliment last year when I interviewed him at Blade Show. He said that he has “Enjoyed watching the blog grow and mature into a force in the knife world”. That little bit of recognition has served as one minor milestone in the development of TTAK. Namely, we […]