The Knives of History’s Alone, Season 3

Season 3 of History’s Alone is back, December 8th. Like before, the show disperses ten contestants in a wilderness environment, alone, with just camera gear to film themselves, ten items of their choosing to affect their survival, and a satellite phone they can use to “tap out” when they’ve had enough. Last one standing gets a […]

Cold Steel engaging in lawfare again – sends C&D letters to knifemakers over “SAN MAI” trademark (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Lynn Thompson has released an open letter on the issue on Cold Steel’s website. Link below. Lynn Thompson and Cold Steel have been engaging in a pattern of “lawfare“. Last year, they sued CRKT over their claim that their locking systems turned their folders into “virtual fixed-blades”. While I think that CRKT’s claim was […]

Question of the Day: Cold Steel. Over the Top?

Sorry to single out Cold Steel, but they are the most prominent practitioners of using visually rambunctious demos of their product. Type in “Cold Steel Proof” on YouTube and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Stabbing car hoods, cleaving pig carcasses in twain, throwing shovels like tomahawks, etc. Not to mention running a near-constant martial arts […]