Review: Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

When I think of Work Sharp, the excellent Ken Onion Work Sharp (read review here) springs to mind, but the company also makes conventional, yet modern, manual sharpeners. Enter the Pocket Knife Sharpener, a pocket sized (who’da thunk) unit combining a 320-grit diamond plate and ceramic hone. Is it as effective and easy to use […]

CRKT Halfachance revisited

In my role at TTAK, I spend an awful lot of time chopping wood with knives which may or may not be a proper tool for the task. For instance, I recently hacked a great deal of brush and vines when I reviewed the ESEE Junglas II. That knife is more than up to anything […]

New from CRKT: Homefront Tactical tanto

TTAK Associate Editor David Andersen had a chance to review the original CRKT Homefront earlier this year. This Ken Onion designed knife is most notable for its “Field Strip” technology, and by and large David liked it a lot. He alluded to the system being incorporated into other models and blade shapes, and it appears […]

Knife Madness Round 2: Kershaw vs. CRKT

VS.   Facebook Readers: Click “Like” to vote for Kershaw. Click “Love” to vote for CRKT. If you are viewing this via a Facebook “share” – YOU MUST CLICK THIS FACEBOOK LINK to vote, not on the shared link. Remember you can vote twice: Once in the comments here on the blog, and once by linking/loving […]

TTAK Knife Madness 2017: CRKT vs. SOG

  VS. Facebook Users: Click “Like” to vote CRKT, click “Love” to choose SOG. Our TTAK Knife Madness tournament continues with one of the more evenly matched pairings in first round. #4 CRKT vs #5 SOG. Both companies are American-based, but the overwhelming majority of their production takes place overseas. Before we break-down today’s competitors, […]