Nightly Knife Porn: EDC Pocket Dump edition

Knifemaker and designer Les george is an occasional reader of the blog and has even chimed in in the comments. He participated in our “5 from the Grinder” series earlier this year, and today he made an appearance on the Mothership via their Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day… Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of […]

Nightly Knife Porn: What our readers are carrying today.

Pocket-Check: What's your EDC this fine morning? #edc #edcknife #knife #knifestagram #knifenation #EX-05 #hogueknives @hogueknives @elishewitz_knives A post shared by The Truth About Knives (@knifetruth) on Sep 20, 2017 at 4:12am PDT I posted the question above to our social media feeds this morning, and readers chimed in. Many folks on our Facebook page actually posted […]

Maglite Magtac LED Rechargeable Flashlight Review

For the first time ever I’m not going to recommend a product, not even a little bit. Maglite was awesome enough to send me two flashlights to review. The Maglite Magcharger rechargeable LED was amazing, and you can read the review here. However, the Magtac LED rechargeable tactical flashlight is anything but. Make the jump to […]

Breed Custom Knives H-Tac preview

The first time I heard mention of Breed Custom Knives, and it’s owner Kim Breed was when our esteemed editor Clay came home from Blade Show 2014 with one of his knives. Kim’s model 14 fixed blade stopped him in his tracks and was his purchase from that Blade Show. Ever since then I’ve wanted […]