Knife Review: ESEE Junglas 2

I have been using the ESEE Junglas 2 for about 6 weeks now, and I can safely say this is a chopper, with great slicing manners. Or is it a cutter with great chopping ability? How about both? Stipulating the fact that I have not done more than hold the original Junglas, I think the […]

TTAK visits ESEE/Rowen Manufacturing

It has been two weeks to the day (at the time of this writing) since I had the privilege of visiting Rowen Manufacturing, the manufacturing partner for ESEE Knives. Rowen makes all of ESEE’s fixed-blade knives in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  ESEE is the knife offshoot of Randall’s Adventure Training, and rather than butcher the specifics […]

Paracord wrapping my ESEE Izula.

One of my knife acquisitions this weekend was a modern classic – the ESEE Izula. I have wanted one, but just never seemed to get around to buying it. I was given one this weekend, by the folks at Knife Rights, and couldn’t wait to come home and play with it. The Izula II comes […]

BLADE Show 2017: Day 2 Roundup

Wow. What a day. I am honestly still processing it all. I just got back from Dinner with Dogwood Dan Eastland, Joe Flowers, David, and several others. It was the second year in a row I was invited to this private shindig, and the only thing more wonderful than the food at Local 3 is […]