ESEE’s Expat Cleaver gets some love from Outside Magazine

Wes Siler, brought his Indefinitely Wild  blog from Gawker over to the Outside umbrella.While he sometimes ventures into the realm of partisan politics or takes a cheap shot at a Presidential candidate, his gear and travel stuff is well written and researched. His “Knife Nerd’s Guide to Pocketknives for Regular People” is a fantastic read and among the most thorough […]

TTAK visits ESEE/Rowen Manufacturing

It has been two weeks to the day (at the time of this writing) since I had the privilege of visiting Rowen Manufacturing, the manufacturing partner for ESEE Knives. Rowen makes all of ESEE’s fixed-blade knives in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  ESEE is the knife offshoot of Randall’s Adventure Training, and rather than butcher the specifics […]