Reason Asks: How was Freddie Gray to know?

(on the off chance you don’t know the difference between an assisted opener and a switchblade – watch the video) I wouldn’t mind moving on from the Freddie Gray case. Charges have been filed, and the sausage grinder of justice has begun its machinations. I personally believe that the conduct of the officers likely contributed […]

On Freddie Gray and Protection From Absurd Laws

Due to my family roots, as well as personal history with the area, I am still coming to grips with the violence that has unfolded in the city of Baltimore since the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. I don’t feel I am qualified to provide perspective on any elements of racial injustice, economic disparity, […]

Question of the Day: What is “legitimate protest”?

This post is completely off topic with regards to knives, but there have been two knife-related angles to the Freddie Gray death-in-custody that we have previously covered. First is the fact that the only crime he was committing was the carrying of an “illegal” knife. I also used the scumbag who stabbed the firehose as […]