Knife Review: Gerber Gator Premium

  On the fourth day of Gerber Week this writer brings to you, a pretty good utility/camp knife. Did anybody sing that with me? No? I guess it’s still too early for Christmas songs, but not too early to think about getting this for someone as a stocking stuffer. That’s right, I’m endorsing a Gerber product. […]

Knife Review: Gerber Propel Auto

Welcome to Day 4 Day 3 of Gerber Week. The Gerber Propel Auto was slated to finish the week, but Nathan needed an extra day to wrap his Gator S30V review. This one is ready to go. Thanks to the efforts of, automatic knives have been legal in Tennessee since July of 2014. I didn’t race […]

Knife Review: Gerber Ghostrike

On day two of Gerber Week, we are looking at another of the titular company’s US made knives, the Ghostrike. This blade is part of Gerber’s push to increase their domestic production and change the perception that the quality of their products has been declining. To see how they are doing, I’ll put this knife through […]

Knife Review: Gerber Strong Arm

Welcome to The Truth About Knives Gerber Week. It has been several months since we asked the question: “What’s the deal with Gerber?“, and received a reply from the company. We were concerned with the noticeable decline in quality control and the perception that Gerber is more concerned with celebrity marketing than it is with […]

Coming Soon to TTAK: Gerber Week

It has been several months since I first asked the question: What’s the deal with Gerber?  I had been disappointed in their absence from the Blade Show, and combined with grumblings from many of you all about quality control and other issues, I called them out.