Mini Review: Kershaw Shuffle

I like small, locking folders. Especially ones with blades under 2.5 inches, as my travels often take me to places where that is the legal limit. The Kershaw Shuffle fit those dimensions, with the added bonus of a bottle opener and screwdriver integrated into the handle. I decided to purchase a 3-pack of the blades […]

Knife Review: Gerber Ghostrike

On day two of Gerber Week, we are looking at another of the titular company’s US made knives, the Ghostrike. This blade is part of Gerber’s push to increase their domestic production and change the perception that the quality of their products has been declining. To see how they are doing, I’ll put this knife through […]

Knife Review: CRKT G.S.D. (Get Stuff Done)

At the CRKT booth at BLADE Show 2015, we highlighted their mid-year releases, but one knife that really impressed me was actually released earlier in the year. The G.S.D. struck me as a very high end feeling knife, far nicer than its street price of around $65 would suggest. The CRKT folks were good enough […]