CRKT Halfachance revisited

In my role at TTAK, I spend an awful lot of time chopping wood with knives which may or may not be a proper tool for the task. For instance, I recently hacked a great deal of brush and vines when I reviewed the ESEE Junglas II. That knife is more than up to anything […]

Review: CRKT Homefront by Ken Onion

The big news on the CRKT Homefront is a tool-less method for taking the knife apart, called Fieldstrip. With a few deft motions, the knife can be broken down into three parts for cleaning and put back together with ease.  What I want to know; is this just a gimmick, or does it actually hold […]

First Look: CRKT Homefront by Ken Onion

Despite all the custom knives and high end steel at BLADE Show 2016, one of the things I most wanted to check out was the new Homefront by CRKT and Ken Onion. The knife is built on Ken’s new Fieldstrip mechanism, allowing it to be taken apart for cleaning without any tools. It is also just the first of […]