BLADE Show 2017: Day 1 Roundup

My Day 1 Blade Show posts are always a bit scattered, and I am afraid this is going to be no different. As Mike Tyson used to say, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. Walking onto the BLADE Show floor is kind of like that. It knocks you back on […]

Breed Custom Knives H-Tac preview

The first time I heard mention of Breed Custom Knives, and it’s owner Kim Breed was when our esteemed editor Clay came home from Blade Show 2014 with one of his knives. Kim’s model 14 fixed blade stopped him in his tracks and was his purchase from that Blade Show. Ever since then I’ve wanted […]

Blade Show 2016: Clay’s Day 1 roundup

Day 1 is in the can and while prior shows prepared me for the whirlwind of sensory overload that I was to experience, it is still one of the more overwhelming 7 hours of my year. I stayed up late getting my post out last night. Even though David arrived late to Knoxville, we were […]