Palestinian “Expert”: “Knife attacks are not terror”

“A knife is not a firearm”. You can’t argue with that. Maybe grasping this obvious fact is what qualifies this individual as an “expert”. Pretty much every other sound uttered is pathologically false. An organized stabbing campaign waged on civilians is not terror?. Sure it isn’t as dramatic as the Paris ISIS attack, but it […]

(Counter)Incendiary Image of the Day: Be like Bilal

  “This is Bilal. Bilal bought a knife. Bilal doesn’t kill people with the knife. Bilal bought the knife for his father the cook. Bilal is not a terrorist. Bilal is smart. Be Bilal,” says a graphic in Arabic showing the stick-figure Bilal smiling with a chef’s hat on his head. (Translation from Arabic via […]

Sunday Funny: I salute our robotic overlords

After the knife-wielding jihadi-wannabe was killed outside of a Paris police station this week, a robot was sent to check for explosives on the body. It made for a somewhat interesting photo, which was picked up on by Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams: “To me, that looks like the future. You have a terrorist losing a […]