BLADE Show 2017: Day 3 Roundup – Part 2

Resuming my abruptly-ended narrative from last night, where I was describing the somewhat schizophrenic vibe on Day 3 of the show, I will elaborate on my booth visit with Rick Klug, National Sales Manager for SOG Knives, and finish with a few words on my conversation with Dan Lawson from Microtech and American Knife and […]

Microtech amends KAI lawsuit; alleges KAI played active role in creation of Sculimbrene post.

The Microtech/KAI lawsuit drama continues. While Microtech has settled with blogger Anthony Sculimbrene of Everyday Commentary. they have amended their lawsuit against KAI to include allegations that KAI not only disseminated Sculimbrene’s defamatory piece, but that they played an active role in its creation. This comes after they discovered evidence of a closer relationship between […]

Microtech settles lawsuit with Everyday Commentary’s Anthony Sculimbrene

Earlier this month we spilled far too much digital ink covering the defamation lawsuits filed by Microtech Knives, first against blogger Anthony Sculimbrene, for a piece he wrote about the Microtech Matrix/ZT0777/Kershaw Natrix kerfuffle, and then a separate suit was filed against KAI USA (parent company of ZT and Kershaw) and their Social Media Manager Kale Beyer […]