TOPS Knives Tanimboca Puukko now available.

There is method to my editorial madness, I ran my “Know your Knives” piece on the Puukko with plans on posting this release today. I had the opportunity to see and hold TOPS Knives’ new take on the style at both BLADE Show and on my recent TOPS factory visit. The new TOPS Knives Tanimboca […]

New from Hogue: EX-A05 Autos

I really like my Hogue EX-05 flipper. It was given to me after I took designer Allen Elishewitz and his wife Valerie fishing this past spring. It has become my go-to EDC (especially since I added a deep carry clip from Pops Custom Clips) when I am not pairing a fixed-blade and small EDC folder […]

Knife Rights enlists DC lobbying-firm CHCG in KOPA push

There are two major pieces of Federal knife legislation before Congress. The first, the Knife Owner Protection Act (KOPA) sponsored by Knife Rights contains a repeal of the Federal Switchblade Act. The second, the Interstate Transport Act, is sponsored by American Knife and Tool Institute and it does not. You can read my Editorial commentary […]

Pre-Production sale on TOPS Fieldcraft Folder

Even before I visited TOPS Knives’ production facility in Idaho Falls last month, I have had an admitted bias towards mid-sized American-made knife companies. I admire the kind of scrappiness and innovative mindset that is necessary to claw market share from the larger, legacy companies or less expensive import brands. TOPS, best known for their […]