Knife-attack in China leaves 8 dead.

From South China Morning Post: Eight people were killed in a violent attack in China’s restive region of Xinjiang on Tuesday, mainland media reported. A news portal of the Hotan government reported on early Wednesday morning that three knife-wielding men attacked and stabbed multiple people in Pishan county. Police shot dead the three attackers.

50 killed in knife attack on Chinese colliery.

As if working in a Chinese coal mine were not dangerous enough, one has now become the target of Uighur separatists, where 50 people were killed in a knife attack on September 18th (I erroneously stated that the attack occurred the day before the Oregon spree-killing in my editorial last night) . From Nine suspects are […]

Gun Control Leads To Knife Control. Ask China. Ask Britain.

Civilian disarmament doesn’t end with guns. As we’ve covered extensively, the U.K.’s gun control hysteria has metastasized into an absurd and comprehensive phobia against the carry of almost any kind of edged tool. Even a Swiss Army Knife can land a Septic like you in prison over there, so leave it home, right? Now, to […]

Knife Gang Kills 26 In NW China Attack: Not The First Time

Knife-wielding Uighur nationalists are suspected in a grisly dawn attack that left twenty-six police and civilians butchered in a township in northwestern China earlier this week. Police responded (too late, apparently) with gunfire, and ten attackers were added to the butcher’s bill before it was all over.