Teen stabbed in butt in drug deal gone (really) bad…

Stabbed in the Butt

I must have missed this episode.

Talk about a buzzkill. A Pennsylvania drug-deal went awry, ending with a 19-year-old being stabbed in the butt with a kitchen knife.

From Butler Dispatch:

State police arrested the 26-year-old Joshua Bennett after he allegedly stabbed a 19-year-old in the buttocks with a kitchen knife. The reason was an apparent drug deal gone bad.

The scene on October 12th required state troopers to respond for a disturbance occurring in Mercer Township. Soon, an ambulance was requested after the 19-year-old was bleeding from his buttocks. The teen had to be transported to the Grove City Medical Center for injuries to his buttocks.

Googling “stabbed in the butt led to some interesting results, including the Family Guy clip below. I must have missed that episode.

There have been multiple examples in NYC over the past several years. There have been several attacks on subway platforms, and this example from a Queens deli:


There was also a serial butt-stabber in Virginia back in 2011.

from Gawker:

The serial butt stabber’s reign of terror is finally over. Authorities arrested suspect Johnny D. Guillen in Peru earlier this week, and have begun the process to extradite him back to the United States.

Guillen, who is also known by the amazing nickname “Corta Nalgas,” or “butt cutter,” is wanted for stabbing the butts of at least 13 women in the northern Virginia area from February to July of last year. Most of the attacks occurred in malls, where the butt stabber would distract his victims before making a small cut through their pants.

Obviously, these attacks are no laughing matter, “butt” this is…



  1. stuartb says:

    This country is getting weirder every day

    1. Snatchums says:

      I think it’s always been pretty weird, weirdness just has a lot louder voice and carries farther now. This is the kind of stuff that would be local newspaper blotter 25 years ago and you just wouldn’t have heard of it.

    2. Sam L. says:

      The weird are turning pro.

  2. cmeat says:

    wifey and her twinsis cautioned me early on about their fathers predilection towards turkish revenge.
    they seem to enjoy it.

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Teen stabbed in butt in drug deal gone (really) bad…

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