Tennessee Set to Legalize Switchblades

By Dean Weingarten

In  1958 the U.S. government banned the banned the manufacture, sale or possession of switchblade knives. The law accomplished nothing other than inconveniencing law-abiding people while setting another in a long line of incremental precedents toward unlimited federal power. Not surprisingly, the law’s major proponent was a representative from New York City. In recent years, though, Knife Rights, an organization that labels its work as “the second front in defense of the second amendment,” has had considerable success in starting rolling back these silly infringements on the right to keep and bear arms . . .

They have lobbied for and have passed knife preemption laws in Arizona, Utah, New Hampshire, Georgia, Kansas, Alaska, and Tennessee. Tennessee is now on the verge of repealing the ban on switchblade (automatic) knives, and the possession of knives with blades over four inches in length, with “intent to go armed”.

On Monday, SB1771 passed the Tennessee General Assembly by a 75-16 margin.  It has already passed the Senate, and now goes to Governor Bill Haslam for signature. We’ll be watching.

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  1. Mike L says:

    I ‘ve seen “Black Board Jungle ” with Glenn Ford, daddy-o. These blades gonna be used by some crazy hep cat when they lose some hot rod drag race. Although they look pretty far-out I won’t be replacing my comb in my pocket with it. But hey later dude. Gotta meet my boys at the monthly meeting of the Fordham Baldies…

  2. JamesB Knoxville says:

    i plan to buy one instantly upon the Gov’s signature.

    because I am a hep cat.

    And I hate losing.

  3. billdeserthills says:

    Good for you Tennessee, Let Freedom Ring!

  4. NavyRetGold says:

    Tennessee is my previous home state and in many ways they are on the cutting edge of knife law. Hopefully, this continues to be the case. Is that a Kershaw Rogue? I wanted one of those in the worst way, but not one of those awful serrated blades. Too bad they have been discontinued.

  5. 2hotel9 says:

    Hey, Dan? I tried to get TTAK’s link into a thread on knife laws over at Brietbart. No joy, thread had already gone crazy, kinda no point after troll fight started, no one is actually paying attention to the subject of the post. As y’all are already well aware!

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Tennessee Set to Legalize Switchblades

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